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Here's a link to a feature article for Gary's book that appeared in the LaGrange Park Suburban Life :

Here's a link to a feature article for Gary's book that appeared in the LaGrange Doings:  

Archived Show Reviews


On February 16, 2004, LaGrange Park senior citizens enjoyed an afternoon of sing-alongs and original music from resident singer-songwriter Gary Charles Metz.  After opening with his staple, Village of Roses , the Get It Now Music recording artist sang a mix of songs that dated as far back as 1940, including My Heart Cries For You, Singing The Blues, You Are My Sunshine, San Antonio Rose, Jambalaya, It's Only A Paper Moon, Laughing On The Outside, Tampico, and Love Me Tender.  Lyric sheets were provided for audience members, who sang along with gusto!

Metz also previewed Music Man , an original song from his forthcoming second cd, and closed the 70-minute set with A Road You've Walked Before and Thank You,  prime cuts from DARE TO BE KIND , his debut cd.


Senior citizens in LaGrange Park were treated February 17, 2003 to an eclectic afternoon of music from local singer-songwriter Gary Charles Metz. After opening with his own VILLAGE OF ROSES, Metz asked his audience to think back to the first recording they had ever purchased. He then sang TOP OF THE WORLD. Following was a variety of pop songs from the 1940s and 1950s, including IF I KNEW YOU WERE COMING I'D HAVE BAKED A CAKE, COME ON A MY HOUSE, LAUGHING ON THE OUTSIDE, SIXTEEN TONS, and RIDERS IN THE SKY.

Metz next sang GLAD I KNEW HIM, a touching tribute to the friends he had recently lost, and THE GIRL IN MY MIND, both original songs which he will include on his next recording. The 80-minute set concluded with WHO IS SHE, A ROAD YOU'VE WALKED BEFORE, and DARE TO BE KIND, crowd favorites from his debut compact disc.


Singer-songwriter Gary Charles Metz played to a packed patio July 21, 2002 at PALMER PLACE in downtown LaGrange. Performing two sets, this gifted local artist sang tunes from his DARE TO BE KIND cd, several new compositions, and an assortment of favorite cover songs from the '70s, '80s, and '90s.

Crowd favorites included "Who is She," "A Road You've Walked Before," "Every Day Should Be Mother's Day," "Thank You," and the new "Girl in My Mind," and "Get It Now." Quirky cover versions of Cher's "Half Breed" and Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" were also well received surprises. Metz is an artist of merit, and it is hoped he will perform live concerts more frequently!


"...We all just love the "Coco Puff" song. I trust that independent radio can tell good stuff when we hear it. We can make a difference..."

-Jim and Dee Jenkins
WAGS Radio
Bishopville, South Carolina


"Look out for GARY CHARLES METZ ! He not only writes with great imagination, but also delivers the goods with powerful production and outstanding vocals."

-Shad O'Shea
Cincinnati, Ohio

VENUE: Community Park District of LaGrange Park   February 18, 2002


Gary Charles Metz played an 80-minute concert for an enthusiastic group of Senior Citizens. The President's Day  crowd was treated to an introductory set of songs showcasing the history of the Village of LaGrange Park, then Gary followed with ten cuts from his Dare To Be Kind cd. Acoustics were excellent, as Gary played a performance mix, sans the lead vocals, while accompanying himself on his electric acoustic guitar.




News Article

These photos appeared in the February 25, 2004 issue of SUBURBAN LIFE .


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Excerpts from the "Decisive Daring" article in the July 28, 2001 issue of the SUBURBAN LIFE newspaper:

News Article

"Gary knew exactly what he wanted. He doesn't just take what other people say. He researches for himself and decides what he wants. Gary KNEW exactly what sound he wanted."

"I like the message the songs say. So many pop songs nowadays snatch people's attention because of their melodies--lyrics are lost on listeners. Metz's music is not like that. It's nice to hear music like this. His songs are very sincere."

-- Kate Nir
Keyboardist, Arranger, Vocalist


"The Dare To Be Kind compact disc could be the creative release that takes his talent to the next level."

-- Kendra L. Williams
Associate Lifestyle Editor

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Show Reviews

Gary Charles Metz performed a 50-minute acoustical set for LaGrange Park's annual PARTY IN THE PARK on July 25, 1999. The heat did not keep away his loyal following as he opened with a musical history of the incorporation of the founding of his hometown, LaGrange Park, Illinois in 1892. Many of the songs were from VILLAGE OF ROSES, the smash-hit original musical Gary wrote in 1996.

"On Your Way" told of the forced removal of Native-Americans from northern Illinois, clearing the way for white settlers to move to what would later become the city of Chicago. "I'll Buy for You" recants a conversation a German landowner may have had with one of his workers as he loans money to Alphonse Kemman, who later became a prominent leader for LaGrange Park.

"Dieke, Kemman, Meyers, Robb, and Weismann" illustrates the frustration of five prominent farmers as they decry the absence of local law enforcement in the "Park." "Pete Swanson" takes listeners through a ditty about a stone mason who shamelessly runs a "blind pig" drinking establishment out of his home in what was supposed to be a dry community. "Bring on the Referendum" encourages "Park" residents to start their own village, which ultimately led to the official establishment of the Village of LaGrange Park.

The latter portion of the performance included several new songs, including "Am I Ready for We," "Thank You," "Old Plank Road," and the timeless new classic, "Every Day Should Be Mother's Day." Following a long ovation, Gary returned with an uptempo encore of his popular "Pride."

Despite the heat, many in attendance remained for Rick Springfield's performance later that evening.

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Wednesday, August 19, 1998 brought native LaGrange Park resident Gary Charles Metz to the Memorial Park bandshell for an acoustic performance of "The Village of Roses Reprise." The majority of the 50-minute set reprised songs from VILLAGE OF ROSES, an original musical he had written and performed in for VORTEX in April 1997.

Opening with "Village of Roses," Metz engaged the overflow crowd of 600-plus with tunes about events which may have led to the establishment of the Village of LaGrange Park in 1892. Styles varied from folk, bluegrass, country, and rock. Audience members clapped along to the rhythms of "Head West" and "Reverend Morrill's Twins."

Metz displayed a friendly, laid-back stage presence, often reponding to remarks from a vocal audience. He devoted the final third of his set to new material from LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL, a musical VORTEX will stage in 1999. "Am I Ready for We," "Mother's Day," "Without a Home," and "Dare to Be Kind" sent those in attendance home with a message that life should be enjoyed, but that we should not neglect our inherent duties of loving and caring for our fellow man.

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